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Using Puppet to Configure New and Existing Servers in the Cloud


Cloud Computing grants us access to incredible amount of compute resources right at our fingertips - just hanging there, waiting to be tapped. Nonetheless, it is often overlooked that while provisioning new servers is incredible easy the trick is to get them to do something actually useful (a virgin OS happily idling in the cloud only generates expenses - not business value or revenue).

In this post we’ll discuss the art and science of making the required configurations and customizations in order to bring our cloud-provisioned servers to a state where it is manifesting itself into business value.

Identifying EC2 Machine IP Ranges

Identifying EC2 Machine IP Ranges

Now days, network-edge security is a well established practice - with firewalls providing IP based protection in every organization (and even in almost every home).

So it doesn’t surprise me that I get receive the following quite often from customers and peers: “What is the IP range of my EC2 machines?”